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Bra Extenders

Whether it is weight gain, pregnancy, or just a bra buy gone wrong- bra extenders can be a quick fix for all. Investing in a bra extender is just as important as investing in a good-fitting bra. Bra extenders not only provide bra hook extension but also increase the bra life, strength and comfort. A bra extender does more than bra extension- it provides stretchability to the bra band, prevents it from digging into the skin and smoothens back bulges because of extreme tightness. All in all, bra extenders are no less than life saviors.

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Buy Bra Extenders at Mylo

Bras can become tight due to several reasons such as weight gain, pregnancy or post-wash shrinkage. Bra extenders can remedy all these ills by providing bra hook extension to the bra band. Mylo’s bra extenders are made with super soft nontoxic fabric and add life, strength, and comfort to the bra. Mylo’s comfortable and gentle bra extenders are curated with a 3 eyes design and have 2 stainless steel anti-rust hooks.


Buying Bra Extenders Online

Finding bra extenders in the market is no easy task, let alone the awkwardness it might entail. So, skip all that grunt work and buy a bra extender online. Discover our range of bra hook extension on the Mylo website and app. You can also learn about the features and benefits of bra extenders- just some perks you get when buying a bra extender online. Bra extension has never been easier!


Why buy Bra Extenders from Mylo?

Each bra extender at Mylo is prepared with super soft nontoxic fabric and comes with extra elastic hooks. Mylo’s bra extenders help make the bra more comfortable, increase bra strength and are extremely useful during weight gain and pregnancy. Mylo’s range of bra hook extension comes in a 3 eyes design with 2 stainless steel anti-rust hooks. At Mylo, you can buy bra extender online in various colors and at affordable prices.


Shop According to Suitability

Every woman is unique, and so is her body and preference. Mylo offers a dizzying range of bra hook extension that come in different colors, packs and prices. What’s more, Mylo’s bra extenders can be color coordinated with any color bra. So, check our latest range of bra extenders that offer bra extension, comfort and strength at premium quality and affordable prices.

Frequently Asked Questions

What is a bra extender used for?

A bra extender helps to extend the bra band, prevents it from digging into the skin and smoothens back bulges because of extreme tightness.

How many inches do bra extenders add?

Bra extenders can add around 2-3 inches to the length of the bra band.

What to do with bras that are too small?

Instead of throwing away small bras, you can buy a bra extender online that helps in bra hook extension, thereby lengthening the bra band

How do I lengthen my bra band?

You can lengthen your bra band by connecting it to a bra extender which can add up to 3 inches of length to your bra band.

How do I shorten a bra band?

You can shorten a bra band by undoing the stitches on the hooks and eyes and cutting the band to the preferred size. Then, sew the hook and eye pieces back on.