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At what age should you use a toothbrush for baby? 

Introducing a toothbrush entirely depends on the developmental stage of the baby. Typically, you can start using a baby finger toothbrush with a small, soft head made from silicon as soon as their first tooth emerges, which is around 6 to 12 months of age. Before the teeth eruption, you can clean their gums using a clean, damp cloth. As your baby grows and more teeth come in, gradually transition to a toothbrush designed for infants, ensuring it is safe, easy to hold, and specifically designed for their delicate gums. Regular gentle brushing from an early age helps establish good oral hygiene habits and promotes a healthy smile. 


Why do you need a baby finger toothbrush for your baby? 

A baby finger toothbrush serves as a crucial tool for infant oral care. It is designed in a way that it completely fits your finger allowing you to gently clean your baby's gums and emerging teeth. This soft, silicone or rubber brush helps in removing milk residue, preventing plaque buildup, and promoting healthy gum development. It also helps your baby become familiar with the sensation of brushing, preparing them for regular toothbrush use as they grow. The finger toothbrush provides a gentle and effective way to maintain your baby's oral hygiene from the earliest stages, setting the foundation for a lifetime of healthy dental habits. 


What are the benefits of using a soft bristle toothbrush for your baby? 

The benefits of using a soft bristle toothbrush extend from being delicate to baby’s gums and emerging teeth to providing a comfortable brushing experience. Another advantage of soft bristles is that they can easily remove milk residue, leftover food particles and plaque without being harsh on gums and teeth. Babies develop positive or negative connections with practices quite easily and therefore it is important to foster a positive bond with oral care from a young age and promote healthy dental hygiene habits.  


How to choose the right toothbrush for baby? 

Selecting the ideal kids toothbrush involves considering key factors to ensure proper dental hygiene. Look for a toothbrush specifically designed for infants made of silicone which is easy for the baby and poses no risk of accidentally hurting the baby’s gums.  The baby toothbrush should be small enough to fit comfortably in your baby's mouth. Choosing a finger toothbrush with soft bristles on one side and small bumps on the other side to give a light massage to the sore gums of the baby. Prioritize safety and quality, by choosing a reputable brand and checking for age-appropriate specifications to ensure your baby relates brushing to a fun time.  


How to clean kids toothbrush? 

To maintain your child's toothbrush hygiene, rinse it thoroughly with tap water after each use to remove any toothpaste or debris. Store the finger toothbrush in a carrying case to avoid any risk of infections. Avoid sharing toothbrushes to prevent cross-contamination. Consider replacing the toothbrush immediately if worn, damage or punctured by biting. Wash with clean water after every use and sterilize in the boiling water for 3 minutes to ensure optimal oral hygiene for your child. 

Buy baby finger toothbrush at Mylo 

Discover the perfect companion for your baby's oral care journey at Mylo - the Baby Finger Toothbrush. Designed with your little one's comfort in mind, this soft and gentle toothbrush fits snugly over your finger, making it easy to clean their gums and emerging teeth. Crafted from safe and non-toxic materials, the baby finger soft toothbrush ensures a gentle yet effective cleaning experience. Introduce your baby to the joys of proper oral hygiene with this convenient and momma-friendly tool, available at Mylo.  


Buy children's toothbrush Online 

Mylo’s feels natural silicone finger toothbrush and tongue cleaner is available for online purchase. This small tool is a must-have in your baby care essentials’ kit as it helps to maintain your baby’s oral hygiene and gives a happy brushing experience. At Mylo we are striving to offer everyday products carefully curated to cater to your baby’s needs at a tender age. The best part is you can easily make a purchase at your fingertips as baby finger soft toothbrush is available online.  


Why Buy baby toothbrush from Mylo 

There was a growing trend where mothers clean their baby’s mouth with their fingers, but the practice was unhygienic and has an increased risk of infections. Mylo has carefully observed this practice and has come up with a feel-natural silicone finger toothbrush and tongue cleaner. These finger toothbrushes are carefully crafted keeping the infants need in mind and have soft bristles to gently clean the teeth and promote healthy oral hygiene habits from a young age. Experience Mylo’s baby toothbrush so that your baby’s smile is healthy. Buy Mylo’s soft bristle toothbrush and take a first step towards building healthy habits in your infant

Frequently Asked Questions

Is a baby toothbrush safe for 1-year-old?

Yes, a baby toothbrush with soft bristles is generally safe for a 1-year-old. Ensure the toothbrush is specifically designed for infants and is preferably a finger toothbrush that has soft bristles on one side and rounded dots on other side for light massage. The child should be assisted till 3 years of age to avoid accidental swallowing or any other mishaps.

What are the benefits of having a toothbrush cover for a baby finger toothbrush?

It is important to have a toothbrush cover as it protects the toothbrush from coming in contact with contaminants. The toothbrush case ensures that proper hygiene is maintained, and your baby gets a germ-free experience every time. Moreover, the toothbrush cover is essential to keep the brush safely stored and ready to use next time.

Points to remember while using a baby finger toothbrush

It is important to gently put the baby finger toothbrush into a clean finger with a secure fit. Now, softly brush your baby’s gums and teeth in a slow circular motion without applying too much pressure. After use, wash the children’s toothbrush with freshwater, allow it to air dry and put it back in the toothbrush case.