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Maternity or Breastfeeding Bra- Your Pregnancy & Breastfeeding Partner


Gone are the days when women used to suffer a lot while dealing with an increased breast size during pregnancy and breastfeeding. All thanks to pregnancy bra or breastfeeding bra. And if you feel shy about buying them at a store, you can buy maternity bras online easily. A maternity bra for pregnant women and breastfeeding mothers come with easy feeding access and clasps that can be removed while breastfeeding minus the need for removing the bra for every feed. These bras support your growing breasts during pregnancy and get adjusted with the growing size of your breasts, making them the bras for pregnancy.


Tips to Get the Right Fit & Best Maternity or Feeding Bra:


  • Consider Breast Growth to buy Best Maternity Bra: 

During pregnancy, when your breasts become bigger, you feel like investing in plus size nursing bras, instead of doing that you should consider buying your first maternity bra at some point in your 2nd trimester: the time when your cup size is more or less stable.


  • How to Get the Right Fit: 

When looking for a nursing bra online, as a good rule of thumb, consider buying 1+ cup size. Add one cup size and one band size to your regular bra size. For example- if you wear at 32 B, consider trying a 34 C.


  • Under Band Fit:  

Always check that, your under band is snug-fit and lies parallel to the ground. Two fingers gaps should be there underneath the band for a comfortable fit.


  • Fitting of Cups:  

You know you have found the right bra size when you feel like wearing a wireless nursing bra or not wearing the one at all. Make sure wires & seams shouldn’t dig into your breast or underarms. Even after adding a cup size and a band size, your bra does not fit properly, you may consider buying a sisterhood of cups. Sister cup sizes are the ones where the cup volume stays the same even though the band size and cup letter change. Say, the cup of 34B is the same as 32 C or 36 A.


This way you can get the best-fit bras for pregnancy and breastfeeding. Follow a smart tip while buying a nursing bra online which is to buy the ones that come with a bra hook extender to increase the shelf life of the bra.


Types of Maternity Bra:


When you look for a feeding bra online, Mylo offers you a number of options to choose from, such as:  

  1. Light Padded Maternity Bra

  2. Non-wired, non-padded maternity bra

  3. Moulded Spacer Cup Maternity Bra etc.


Tips on Buying the Best Feeding Bra:


  1. Non-wired ones are the best bet as they don’t restrict the growth of the breasts and make you feel comfortable during pregnancy and while nursing.  

  2. Mylo provides an exclusive range of maternity bras/ Pregnancy or Nursing Bras in lovely vibrant colors and in single and combo packs. All options are available offering varieties like light padded, full coverage, the ones with spacer molded technology, all are made with the softest and finest of fabric to ease up your pregnancy and feeding journey.  

  3. The different kinds of maternity bras are available in colors like plum, coral, pink, black, and many more varieties to choose from.  

  4. The best maternity bras collection on Mylo comes with easy clasps, the finest of fabric, easy feeding access, and with free bra extender online saving you from the hush of buying a new bra throughout pregnancy and post-partum.  

Pick the best maternity maxi dresses, maternity/nursing bra, pregnancy & mom care products from your Mylo store at the best value at easy payment and delivery options to smooth your pregnancy and breastfeeding voyage. No more struggle to feed your baby and to buy a new bra at the end of each week of pregnancy with Mylo. So, what are you waiting for? Buy the best nursing bras online and enjoy most of your pregnancy and nursing time.




1. What is the difference between a nursing bra & an everyday bra? 

A nursing bra is meant to be worn during pregnancy and while breastfeeding whereas an everyday bra is for regular wear only.


2. How many bra sizes do you go up when pregnant? 

It may vary from woman to woman. Commonly, it is ok to go up 2-4 band sizes and 2-4 cup sizes during pregnancy.


3. When to start using a maternity bra? 

Around the 2nd trimester of your pregnancy when your breast size is more or less stable.


4. Which type of bra is best during pregnancy? 

Maternity or Nursing Bra.


5. Is maternity bra good during pregnancy? 

Yes, it supports your growing breasts and can be used later for nursing.


  6. What is a bra extender? 

A bra extender is used to extend the bra size. It is a hook extender that helps in case your bra size has increased.  

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