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Mom Care Products

A mom leaves no stone unturned when it comes to baby care. Similarly, mom care should be no less. Remember, a happy mom raises a happy child. So, the mom care products, should be chosen wisely. Everything has to be natural and safe. If you are looking for mom’s care baby products, there are ample options to choose from. Always take care that Mom and care products are gentle to skin, free from parabens and can aid in good mom’s care. You can explore from skin, body & hair care range apart from maternity wear and nursing necessities. Mom care should make her feel special and her routine a lot easier.

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Buy Mom Care Products with Mylo

Being a mom is no easy job. Everyday hush, sleepless nights, running behind the kids, preparing meals, packing tiffin, maintaining a household. She is a real homemaker. Mommy! You do a lot. Give yourself some pampering time and explore the Mylo Store for mom care products. Yeah! It's mommy time! Mylo store is all packed up with products moms need for skincare. Do you know what is best about these products? All these products are formulated with toxin-free ingredients.

Mylo's Mom Care Product Collection

A mom’s life is hectic. But sparing some time for yourself will inspire you to do more. We at Mylo duly understand this and have an exclusive range of mom care products for would-be-mommies and mommies.

Mylo’s skincare products have two categories namely Mylo Care & Mylo Veda. While Mylo Skin Care Products aims at giving the best of care to you, Mylo Veda Products are based on 5000-year-old ayurvedic science. Give yourself a break with these Mom Care Products. Mommies should not neglect their skin health. Get on the Mylo Store and shop for Kumkumadi Oil, Kumkumadi Night Cream, Ubtan Face Wash, Ubtan Body Wash, Ubtan Body Lotion, Tea Tree Face Wash, Rose Mist Toner, Stretch Marks Cream, Stretch Marks Oil, and a lot to live the best in your skin. All these mom care products are made with safe and toxin-free ingredients and will make your skin feel rejuvenated.

Stretch Marks Cream

The changes in a mom-to-Be's appearance are mostly visible by increased shape and size but changes also do occur on the outer body skin. Pregnancy brings with itself few streaks on the skin folds called stretch marks which are indeed annoying for a woman to carry. Mylo brings Stretch marks cream that helps to reduce dark spots, heals itching, tightens loose skin & prevents stretch marks.

Stretch Marks Oil

Regular application of Mylo Stretch Marks oil is helpful in strengthening of skin, reduces the occurrence of stretch marks and scars. It is an amazing blend of four oils that aids the nourishment & hydration of skin.

Pregnancy Pillow

Sleeping or feeding the baby in good posture is recommended to keep a mom away from pelvic muscle problems, back ache and to keep the baby safe & comfortable. Mylo has two variants as in C- shaped and U-shaped pregnancy pillow fabricated out of soft fabric to keep the allergens away.

Maternity Dresses

Adding a fashion statement to new mom’s & mom-to-Be's wardrobe, maternity dresses not only let a pregnant or nursing woman look trendy but also let her fit in a comfortable piece. Maternity dresses with Mylo have a lot of options to choose from like a Maternity maxi dress, a camisole, maternity kaftan or a midi dress.

Feeding Bra

A feeding or a nursing bra allows comfortable breastfeeding experience, provides support to the engorged breasts. Mylo has a collection of feeding bras that are made of soft cotton fabric, and are stretchable.

Maternity Belt

Whether during pregnancy or post-delivery, maternity belts have been used as a support to pelvic and lower back muscles. It evenly distributes the belly weight and prevents sagging of skin. Maternity belts with Mylo are soft, stretchable and uses a ventilated fabric to avoid sweating.

Maternity Leggings

Maternity leggings are a great pregnancy partner as it easily climbs up and gives your belly the enough coverage. Mylo uses soft, stretchable & breathable fabric in the making of such maternity leggings.

Maternity Care

A mom needs equal care and pampering as a new-born. There are a wide variety of maternity care products online. Mylo has beautiful range of skin care, hair care and body care products. Shop from the pool of Mylo curated products for an ultimate experience.

Nursing Products

Ranging from baby feeding bottles to a burp cloth, anti-colic nipples to a cloth diaper and maternity wear to maternity belts and the last but not the least a pregnancy pillow, Mylo has a plethora of nursing products to explore, try and enjoy.

Pregnancy Support Products

A pregnant lady experiences a lot of changes in her body shape and size. To support her in and out, Mylo has been thoughtful enough to design maternity belts to support the belly and avoid having lower back pain, maternity leggings to cover the belly area with a soft stretchable cloth, pregnancy pillow for a comfortable sleep and various maternity dresses to support pregnancy and lactation.

Buying Mom Care Products Online

Mylo Store is all packed with pregnancy skincare and mom skincare products. Be it dealing with pregnancy pain, stretch marks, itchy and dry skin, night-time moisturization, skin cleansing, skin toning, bathing, lack of skin hydration, moisturizing, pimples, acne, wrinkles, fine lines, and what not; we have got a solution for all your skincare needs moms and moms-to-be.

While shopping for a mom's skincare needs at Mylo Store online, one thing you can get for sure- Best of offers and exciting discounts. A win-win situation for you. These perks will help you save lots on your pocket on your next purchase. Why waiting? Shop at now or just download the app and shop online from the best of Skincare for moms.

Why Buy Mom Care Products from Mylo?

We at Mylo, believe in giving you the best. All our products pass through standard rigorous quality checks and are designed to keep the safety of moms and pregnant women in mind. We deliver the best quality products at the best value possible. We use toxin-free ingredients for the formulation of these products. These products are specially curated with love for you. You can shop from Mylo without any hesitation.

Frequenty Asked Questions

Ques: Which face cream is best during pregnancy?

Ans: It depends upon your skin type and what kind of ingredients suit you. Look upon these factors while buying a face cream during pregnancy and check whether it is made with natural ingredients or not or can be used in pregnancy or not.

Ques: Are vitamin C products safe during pregnancy?

Ans: Yes, most of them are.

Ques: What skincare products should be avoided during pregnancy?

Ans: The ones with a strong fragrance, and are chemically infused.

Ques: How can I protect my skin during pregnancy?

Ans: Keep your skin moisturized and your body hydrated to protect your skin during pregnancy.

Ques: Is whitening cream safe for pregnancy?

Ans: Please check the safety & caution before buying any whitening cream during pregnancy.

Ques: How can I avoid stretch marks during pregnancy?

Ans: You can prevent stretch marks during pregnancy if you start applying a stretch marks cream or oil from week 16 of your pregnancy. Make sure to follow a regular regime as instructed in the product description.