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Mere baby ko atopic dermatitis h 4 month se allopathy medicines b chl rhi h tbi se but koi aaram nhi kya kru bhut kharish aati h isko


Dear then pls take to pediatrician once

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Dear this is a long term skin condition. It will get better but will take time.It may even completely go away when the child is a little older. It is characterized by itching, dryness and redness. Do what your doctor has asked you to and also try and ease the itching and inflammation of the skin to keep it moisturized and prevent infections. Also see if you can find out what triggers it so that you are able to manage the condition better. You can try using a good moiturizer or cream that is fragrance free or even petroleum jelly on your baby's skin to help it retain its natural moisture. Apply it immediately after a bath.Try to give your baby a luke warm bath, don't use very hot water. Don't keep the bath for longer than 10 mins and you can also use oatmeal soaking products to the bath tub, this will help soothe the itchiness in the skin. Use fragrance free and soap free soap for your child's bath as well as his laundry. Pat him dry and don't rub the skin. Make your child wear comfortable clothes made of cotton to avoid irritation of clothing rubbing on skin. Always make your child wear clean washed clothes before putting them on, on him. Don't overdress him or put on too many blankets as heat and sweat can be one of the reasons the condition flares up.

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@RitikaKansal thanku so much . I'm using cetaphil moisturizer which is fregrance free. Nd using boiled water with neem for bath. Is this good ?

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Kya thik ho gya aPke baby ka apne kya kiya mere baby ko bhi ho gaya hai i m so upset

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Plz don't use atopic or any thing do one thing jab aap aapne baby ko feed karati ho tabh thoda doodh ek spoon mai nikal kar jaha jaha kharish hai waha apply Karo tikh ho jaye ga or kabhi eye related or ear related ya body par khahi b rashes aaye tabh b aap doodh aaply karo tikh ho jayega

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