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Hello mylo soo hurt today just feeling to cry out loud????why does God doesnt give baby to peoples who really want it????????because im not able to convcive everymonth we fight and lots of argument mother inlw is hurting me like hell she is like why cant uh hold a baby in womb..let my son get married to somone else?because of yuh his life is filed of sadines???maan kartai hi marjaoun?i tried evry possible thing to concive..took treament also. Tried in ovualtion days..followed heena health and youtube saheli channels..sab kuch karlya phir b ny horai hai..mine and my husband reports are normal...???.i requst evryone plz pray for yeh month concive hojai...i cnt bear the pain again???????my husband also told me that he wil go foreign country for job and wont come for 2yrs???


Aise log kyu hote hain

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just relax khud ko itna pressure mat do. time lagta hai jitna jada ap desperate hote ho ye dur bhagta hai. relax raho and bold bano.

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?Im feeling sad to listen this dear. And kaisi aurat hai woh chi apne bete ki dusri shadi karane ka sochri hai shame on her. Ek aurat hoke aurat ka dard na samjhe shame on her really.... Kyu jare hai hubby out off apko akele chodke. Apki hubby ne kya kaha apki saas ke bare me about marriage ? sach me bhaut bura kaha. Sabr karna meri behen allah inko dikhaye ga. Aur apko chand jaisa baby hoga zaroor inshallah ameeennnnn summa ameen. Bus sabr karo app.... Kitne year hua marriage ko. Period regular hai apke. Allah apko aulad nawazey ameen.

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@s pareshaan karne ke liye hotey hai.a

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Aap pehele stress math lo jyaadha... conceive ho jaaoge ...saas bolthi hai tho bolne dho aap ke liye prayer karenge...bhagwan jaldhi aapko 1 baby dhega

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Just chq ur thyroid, progestron,sugar and vit d

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