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Anyone experienced Contractions in 23 weeks? Plz share ur experience, it will help me.I started cramping since yesterday morning. After 5-6 hrs when it doesn't go away then we consulted to doc. My doc was not present on Sunday so she talk over phone and ask for admission in hospital. I only had cramps, no discharge, spotting. Baby heartbeat was fine as well still she tell to admit but we didn't want so she suggest sustain 200 only which I took at home but my cramps was not gone away. It suppress for 1-2 hr and then come agian at night. Afte that we consult to doc so she gave me MEFTAL SPAS, I took it and got vommit. After 1hr I got some relief but then again late night I got that pain so admitted in hospital by that time.In USG only water level was high and due to contractions, my cervix was in open close state like open little and after 2-3mins, close.I got urine infection in reports so doc si saying ki infection can cause Contractions. I m still in hospital under her treatment for antibiotics but I'm unable to understand that if cervix is opening then she must give me stitches? She doesn't tell this till now and I m little scared for it.Please share experiences and help me in giving clarity.Thanks in advance


Can you meet another doctor immediately?Don't worry .Nothing will go wrong.

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Anyone here is experience please guide

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Yes dear infection can cause contractionn,, doctor will try to manage the pain and less chance of delivery,,baby abhi bohat chota hai,she will advise aur take other dr opinion

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@s thanks dear. Today got urine culture report which says no infection. Don't know what doc will tell next. She will come tomorrow now.

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@SwatiSingh23 be calm all will be good talk to baby,,are u feeling kicks ,,eat healthy and take a small walk

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@s sometimes feel kicks but not.more often. This contractions makes me miserable some times. Doc said be on proper bed rest so I'm following. Hope everything will be fine very soon and I can go back to home properly and give healthy birth to my baby in March 2022.? Hoping for the best ?

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