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Skin Cream

Creams for skin can either be face specific or are meant for the entire body. Skin Creams are generally the moisturizers to rule out the chances of dry or flaky skin. It could simply be a beauty skin cream or skin cream for pigmentation. Creams are also used to prevent or treat any kind of rashes, minor skin irritations or stretch marks during pregnancy. Under eye creams are meant to reduce the dark circles under the eyes, fine lines & wrinkles. Skin tightening cream helps to keep the skin look healthy & youthful. For an improved radiance and even skin tone, you can check for skin lightening cream or a skin whitening cream.

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Buy Face Cream at Mylo 

Moisture the skin and help reduce any pigmentation & fine lines for a smoother radiant looking skin with a face cream.  


Buy Face Cream Online 

Shop from the best of face skin cream available online to replenish the skin moisture and reduce pigmentation. 


Why buy Face Cream from Mylo? 

Don’t compromise with your skin’s nourishment. Get the best of face creams with Mylo to improve skin radiance, reduce the appearance of wrinkles and reduce skin moisture.  


Mylo Skin Cream 

  • NATURALLY FORMULATED: Mylo Skin Creams are prepared using natural ingredients making them completely safe to use on your skin, without worrying about any side effects. 

  • IMPARTS NATURAL GLOW: Mylo Skin creams hydrate your skin and impart a natural glow to your skin. 

  • NOURISHES THE SKIN: Mylo Skin Creams are infused with natural & effective ingredients that detoxify the skin, control excessive sebum secretion & relieve acne. 

  • BEST SUITED FOR: Mylo Skin creams are safe to use daily and are suitable for all skin types. The non-sticky formula gets absorbed in the skin easily. 

  • SAFE FORMULA FOR ALL SKIN TYPES: To ensure the maximum safety of our consumers, Mylo Skin Creams are Australia-Certified Toxin Free, Made Safe Australia Certified, Allergy Certified, and contain no artificial colors or fragrance. They are PETA Certified, Vegan-Friendly Certified, Ph Balanced, and free from mineral oil, making them safe for application on all skin types. 

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Frequently Asked Questions

Ques: Is face cream a moisturizer?

Ans: You may consider it a moisturizer as it is a blend of oil, water, and waxes. However, they are thicker than a moisturizing lotion.

Ques: When should I apply a face cream?

Ans: You can apply a face cream after you cleanse your face as it prevents the skin from drying out after-wash.

Ques: Is a face cream necessary?

Ans: A face cream necessary as it keeps the moisture and elasticity of your skin and helps reduce the wrinkles, age spots and fine lines.