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    Top 25 Motivating Pregnancy Quotes To Keep You Happy During Pregnancy

    Written on 26 July 2022

    Pregnancy is a time of mixed emotions for all women. While being pregnant can be a joy, it brings along a whole load of worries as well, such as “have I taken my medications”, “am I doing everything correctly”, “what can I do to comfort my child”, and whatnot!

    Such thoughts cause your pregnancy undue stress, which is not good. Hence, you must always be motivated throughout your pregnancy. Reading motivational pregnancy quotes will help you clear your mind of all your worries and other bodily changes that you might be going through. Here are some pregnancy quotes that you can read.

    Top 25 Pregnancy Quotes

    Quotes are a great way to remind you to be happy and stay focused throughout your pregnancy. Since they are concise, it takes more effort for your brain to comprehend them. Hence, it tends to think more and more in that direction, which creates positivity at a subconscious level. It is recommended to read at least one quote a day.

    If you are looking for some amazing pregnancy quotes, here are some for you:

    1. Pregnancy makes us aware of unseen forces that control and bring new life into existence.
    2. The life inside the womb gives a better meaning to the existing life.
    3. Pregnancy is a challenge but an amazing experience in a woman's life. Though she goes through mental and physical changes, she is satisfied when she holds her child in her arms.
    4. As the child feels safe in the mother's womb, so does it when in her arms. The child sees the world through the mother's eyes.
    5. The physical changes during the pregnancy are worth the new life entering the world.
    6. Being pregnant is magical and divine; pamper and love yourself for being chosen to bring new life into the world.
    7. Being a mom is a blessing; love your body for this beautiful gift inside.
    8. Being a perfect mom and dad is fictional. Just be what you are. Raise your child with warmth, love, and care.
    9. To understand how nature gives birth to beauty, you need to experience it yourself.
    10. The moment life takes birth, nature smiles and spreads happiness.
    11. The child inside you is that your prayer has been answered.
    12. The baby inside hears what you say, speaks words of truth and kindness, for they will be what they will hear and believe.

    Now, let us look at some happy pregnancy quotes to make our soon-to-be mother feel elated.

    1. The most adorable child is the one inside me; it's the truth of every mother.
    2. The courage of the woman gives birth to new life despite the pains she has.
    3. Being a mother is God's blessing.
    4. A baby inside may give a little discomfort but to hold it in my arms is amazing.
    5. A baby stays in the womb for nine months but will reside in your heart forever.

    Are you confused about how to tell your friends and family? Well, here are some announcement pregnancy quotes to make it easier for you.

    1. Life goes on; babies are an indication.
    2. Welcome the baby in the womb with happiness and excitement. For it, you are the world.
    3. Babies bring a lot of changes to one's life. Appreciate them as new opportunities, and hopes of a new beginning are waiting.

    We understand that there might be times when you might feel lonely. Hence, here are some alone pregnancy quotes to make you feel motivated about your pregnancy once again.

    1. A woman who has a baby feels a sense of completeness.
    2. A part of my heart where emptiness resided is filled now as the news of the new life in me has been announced.

    Looking for some funny pregnancy quotes? Here are some to give you a giggle.

    1. Speak to your baby, it really wants to hear you.
    2. The reshaping body and the bulge of your belly are what you love when you know you are a mother-to-be.
    3. The kick from the outside may be painful, but the one inside feels magical.


    Whatever your mood is, we have presented you with the top list of pregnancy quotes to keep you company and make you feel motivated throughout. These quotes will help you realise how beautiful it is to be pregnant. When a mother gives birth, she gives life to a body, creating a small piece of the universe.


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