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    Stem Cell Banking

     All About stem cells, their usage and potential effectiveness in the treatment of different diseases  

    Written on 8 July 2019

    Uses of stem cell

    Stem cells are also known as blank cells, which means they can develop into cells that perform a variety of functions in our body. Most of the cells present in our body can perform only a specific purpose, for example, the white blood cells serve as fighters against infection while red blood cells carry oxygen through blood.

    In the case of stem cells, they have not differentiated to perform a specific function and can make indefinite copies of themselves replicating into either a muscle cell or a white blood cell.

    Usage of stem cells

    Let us look at the uses of stem cells and how it is expanding in scope every day.

    1. Understanding of disease development: One of the benefits of stem cells is that it provides scientists with a way to understand how diseases develop. Recent studies have provided scientists the chance to use stem cells and learn all about disease formation. Using this info, they can develop new drugs in the hope to cure defects at birth.

    Similarly, the hope is that scientists can understand what causes the growth of cells during cancer to prevent and stop such behaviour thereby preventing the disease.

    2. Treatment of a disease

    Stem cells have the potential to treat the following diseases:

    • Alzheimer’s

    • Parkison’s

    • Injury to the spinal cord

    • Diabetes

    • Arthritis

    • Loss of vision and hearing

    • Heart disease

    Cells can be used to treat a disease. For example, usage of the pluripotent cells to create any cell within the human body resulting in the creation of regenerative form of medicine.

    3. Testing of new drugs

    An advantage of using stem cells is the ability to test the efficacy of new medicines on human cells. In this way the scientists can test the safety of new drugs without having to harm any animals or test patients.

    Future usage of stem cells

    As the stem uses are diversifying, these cells have laid the foundation for a range of cell-based products and therapies which can be introduced in the future for effective treatment of diseases. It provides a hope to all those with diseases which are ‘incurable’ in the present scenario.

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