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Is it safe to make your 1 month baby sleep on his/her tummy or sides?


No deae esa na kre abhi

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No dear, sleeping on stomach for babies is highly unsafe as it puts pressure on the baby's jaws and blocks the airways making it difficult for the baby to breathe. It this position the baby's face is too close to the sheet making him breathe the same recycled air which is low in oxygen. Sleeping on the side is also not recommended as the baby generally tends to roll on his tummy while sleeping increasing the risk of SIDS. Sleeping on the back is the safest sleeping position for babies as it keeps their airways open and the chances of suffocation are negligible. Sometimes children may get a flat head due to this position but this is a temporary problem and will be fine by the time the child is one year old. You can give the baby tummy time and make him lie on the side when he is awake and there is a responsible adult attending to the baby.

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Not at one month dear. They are very small. It's only after 4 months under your supervision. Pls consult your paediatrician before.

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