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Is anyone suffering from repeated uti or urine infection after normal delivery... initially urine culture showed Culture growth is negative but pus cells present in urine and i hv chills.. inspite of taking antibiotics again and again, it is repeating and I m frustrated..


It's normal..drink plenty of water

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@m thank you....but i drink around 8 litres of water everyday.. hv been continuously on antibiotics after delivery with gap of jus one to two weeks between worried..hv also developed kidney stones after delivery inspite of drinking souch water... Hope UTI subsides soon...

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UTI after delivery is quite a common problem. Too much wear and tear during delivery can cause injury to this set of muscles. Pregnancy can also cause the bladder to loose its tone making it difficult to completely empty it which makes the urine flow back up to the ureters. The longer the urine stays in the tract the more the chances of the bacteria multiplying and the higher the chances of infection. Normally it is treated with antibiotics and in a worst case scenario by an intravenous drip. Some things you could do on your own to get some relief are that increase your intake of vitamin C, it will make the urine more acidic and help the body to destroy and reduce the number of UTI causing bacteria. Drink plenty of liquids especially unsweetened cranberry juice, its is known to help by preventing disease causing organisms from sticking to the walls of the urethra.Don't use feminine products around the genitals as it can increase the chances of UTI. Wear loose clothes to allow the genitals to remain dry. Practise good restroom hygiene. Avoid tampons and regularly change sanitary pads during periods. Urinate soon after having sex to flush out any bacteria that may have reached urethra. Also wash the area properly.

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8 ltrs is way too much. Normally 8-10 glass water is ok. Or 2-3 ltrs.

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@PoorvaSundriyal sorry fr late reply n thank you very much... I hv repeated culture n antibiotics fr six months continuously now.. gt ct scan, malaria tests done .. symptoms r nt going.. hd fever, chills, fatigue, backache... Worried dat it should not damage kidneys in the long run

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@PoorvaSundriyal i follow good personal hygiene right from young age n never hd evn one uti till 32 yrs of age.. i jus hope i gt rid of this as six months s long duration

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