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I am writing this with a heavy heart and tears in my eyes.. Have patience to read.. It can save you or help you.. I was 9 week pregnant and my first ultrasound was in 10 week 4 days. I got spotting on 9 week 4 days.. I told my hubby.. I read and found it is normal in first trimester. And my ultrasound was in next one week. But intuition told me to go n meet my doc..i went to meet my doc on same day.. I waited for one hour. I met and informed about spotting.. She said ok it is already 9 week let's hv ultrasound.. To my disappointment the baby was not in uterus but in tube ???doc was surprised that how I didn't get pian till now, how it didn't burst out.. But I was normal.. She said me to hv immediate surgery.. I was scared.. Life was important or baby. I couldn't think anything.. We went to the surgeon who had to perform my surgery. He said I can't perform surgery without covid report.. And covid report would take 48 hours.. I may die too within that period. As he was a common friend doc he requested to do the test within 24 hours.. And the night was a horrible night for me.. Is it going to burst? M I going to die? Can I have baby or not? ??. The next day I was admitted around 11 am and surgery was done at 1 pm.. My surgeon is known to be the best in town so I just wanted him to operate me. My right tube was removed? I inquired can it be repaired without remove? He said no the best decision is to remove cause we hv seen usually next pregnancy occures in that place only.. And it is life threatening.. I m happy that my life is saved but worried for many things. I just want you all to look into some poins 1-dont wait for 9 week for ultrasound go within 5 or 6 week. Heart beat doesn't matter placement matter2- don't ignore little spotting too3-can anyone help me or can tell the story of one tube pregnancy (I know many but I also want to know from u ppl) 4-pray for me that I can be pregnant again 5- my prayers for u all going to be mommies.. ???????


Yes ur absolutely right we should not wait this much atleast 1st usg should be done by 5th week..Thanks to god aapko time pe pta chla and u got operated..and yes everything is psbl now u can ofcourse get pregnanct with one tube..aap ohle naturally try kro if problem aati h toh than consult ur doctor..dont worry ye socho god saved u ab bs heal hokr u can try again

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@AnkitaAnandJohn thank u for ur consolation.

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You are very brave. God bless you. About being mother don't worry dear. You will have a beautiful child on your lap. First of all, speak to your doctor. What is the best way to convince. There are multiple ways to be a mother. If your body is not healthy you can opt surogecy... It is becoming quite common and thier is no shame on that . What is important, you be healthy and fine for your family Take care dear and get well soon ?

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@SRS03 doctor said I can conciev very well aftr three month.. After 2 cycle.. In third cycle.. My other tube is fine.

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@inamaharana so bas kya! Tension ki baat hi khatam❤️

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@SRS03 I can't tell u my mental state, physically I wl heal don't know about mental.

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