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Hi guys my baby is 2 months and 15 days he sleeps in jholi type jhula is it safe for him as he is growing I m worried about his spinala cord and he sleep in it for 3 to 5 times in a day


Its all safe ..

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now you shouldn't lie him on this jhula

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@MouM but he don't sleep without it

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A cloth hammock or jhula holds your baby snugly and it's gentle movements can be reassuring and soothing which provides a comfortable and cosy environment for the baby to sleep. The downside is that once he gets used to the rocking motion he may find it difficult to adjust to a bed. Once your baby can roll over to his side or stomach while he is asleep he may not be able to turn on his back which may obstruct the baby's breathing. Some materials don't allow enough air circulation and may overheat a baby. Keep checking the fabric you are using as a jhoola from time to time to see if it can take the weight of your growing baby and is not fraying. Don't put any pillows, blankets or toys in the jhoola which can lead to suffocation and overheating. Wash the fabric regularly. Don't leave your baby unsupervised in a jhula. Roll out a mattress under the jhula, just incase your baby falls out he doesn't hit the floor. There isn't enough evidence to prove that the flexible soft base of the jhula could affect the baby's spine but it is recommended that babies sleep on their back on a flat and firm surface, not because of a possible side effect on their spine but because the curved position may affect a baby's breathing. You can also take your pediatricians advice on the matter.

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@charu6075 ok

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