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Hello baby is 5 months old..he puts all the things into his it preferable to use teether to calm him


Its normal dear for babies to put things in their mouth as they are exploring. Just be careful to remove any small objects, medicines and chemicals within their reach as they can be dangerous. You can gently say no to them if they are putting something that is not safe in their mouths. Work on positive reinforcement, that is replace an unsafe thing with a thing that can safely be put in their mouth. You can get your baby some teething rings also which are safe. If your baby is teething then you can freeze the teething rings and then give them to the baby as this will provide relief from teething pain. By the time a child is two years of age they have started using their fingers to explore things.By the third year they have stopped putting things in their mouth and if by chance they are still doing it you can ask your doctor for remedies.

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