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Hi all mommies of cute little angels can anyone tell me do we need to clean the white part inside of vaginal lips of baby girls if yes than how to clean it. My baby girl is1 montg old.


Just clean with wipes

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@A wipes aree scented things and as per I know we should not put scented things in the inner wall of vagina. Wipes are used to clean the outer wall and anus after poty

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Just clean it with a cotton ball dipped in lukewarm water

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Clean with coconut oil..

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Cotton with water

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Yes my friend, cleaning a baby's private part properly is very important because if the poop and pee is not cleaned properly it can cause irritation and even infection. Baby's genital area is very soft and the skin is very delicate so we have to be careful not to hurt the baby. Please change your baby's nappy as soon as it gets dirty. Wipe her area with a soft clean and wet cloth or cotton. You can also use wipes but make sure that they are fragrance free and alcohol free. Give the baby some nappy free time to allow the skin to breathe and make sure the skin is completely dry before you put on another nappy. You should wash her labia whenever she has a bath. You could use a soft cotton ball. Please do not use soap inside the vaginal skin as it can cause irritation and burning. Gently hold her legs apart and clean from inside to outside so that nothing goes inside her vagina or urinal tract.

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