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Dear ladies, I want to share my experience with all of u. I welcomed a baby gal on 30 august janmashtmi... Radha came into our lives... When I went to doctor she immediately suggested to get admitted as I had high bp 154/104 and i also had GDM (DIABETES) ... BOTH BP AND SUGAR ARE NORMAL NOW.... I went for c section as thr was no chance of normal delivery due to fluctuations in BP... LFT AND KFT VALUES WERE ALSO HIGH... After delivery I was discharged on third day... Thr were alot of problems after that breast milk not coming and i got scared... By God's grace fifth day breast milk started coming but baby was not latching properly... The pain in stitches. . But i suggest everyone to have patience and believe in God .. Don't give up... Today after 11 days my baby is still having bottle milk but after latching both my breasts... I know my milk is not sufficient for her today but in upcomg days i believe tht milk supply will increase steadily... God bless us all



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Dear drink galact granules milk powder,, it will help u to produce milk

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Kounse week me delivery hui apki?

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Same with me my baby also having bottle milk after latching my breast, my milk is also not sufficient for my baby.

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Congrats for radha rani ❤️

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