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    Is it safe to apply onion hair serum on the scalp

    Written on 1 August 2022

    Natural remedies have been used to treat hair loss since ancient times, but what is the truth in using onion to treat baldness? At first glance, juicing this vegetable seems like an unusual way to ensure follicle health.
    We explain where the onion hair growth serum fame comes from and the options to combat alopecia.
    Onion can cure baldness: Is it a Myth?

    Although packed with nutrients and an essential ingredient in Spanish cuisine, onions are not a miracle cure for baldness, especially if hair loss is genetic or disease-related. Changes in lifestyle, including diet or hair products and masks, cannot stop this type of alopecia.

    Onion may play a small role in hair loss due to nutritional deficiency or stress, like other must-haves in the diet. Whatever the case, if experiencing hair loss, a doctor will need to examine the scalp and assess the general health to make a definitive diagnosis and establish a course of action.

    Why is onion believed to promote hair growth?

    Onion is a horticultural plant that contains anti-inflammatory and antibacterial agents, which can help strengthen hair. It can be eaten as a balanced diet or applied to the hair before hair wash. But why does onion get along with hair? Let's see the three components of the onion serum for hair:

    • Catalase: Onions contain catalase, an antioxidant enzyme. It helps break down hydrogen peroxide accumulated in the hair follicle, which is responsible for the absence of melanin, commonly known as "grey hair." Onion consumption can help slow down the appearance of grey hair. Hence, the myth surrounding its power is perpetuated and expanded to other areas, such as baldness.

    • Sulphur: Sulphur can enhance the production of collagen tissues essential for hair growth. The well-known beauty mineral has antibacterial and detoxifying properties. It can eliminate bacteria and fungi from the scalp, making the hair look cleaner. Likewise, it eliminates dead cells deposited on the scalp's surface and frees the pores, making it easy for the hair to breathe.

    • Quercetin: This vegetable contains high quercetin, a flavonoid with anti-inflammatory properties that stimulates blood circulation, strengthens the hair from the root, and stops malnutrition. It is an important flavonoid that improves the vitality of the hair, as well as its shine. This antioxidant promotes thick, healthy, and stronger hair.

    How to use onion for baldness?

    Onion is a natural product that can be consumed without fear of unwanted side effects, both ingested and topical. The cosmetics market offers interesting proposals that include this vegetable as a juice, oil, mask, and shampoo to treat the scalp in depth. It would be enough to apply it for a few minutes and rinse with plenty of water. To try onion serum for hair growth to manage baldness, apply it directly to the scalp.

    Is Onion hair serum good?

    It gives the hair all the vitality and strength this herbaceous plant (Allium cepa) possesses, which is even cultivated as food. The onion hair growth serum acts comprehensively at the hair bulb level, purifying it, helping in regeneration, and stimulating activity. This way, the hair grows healthy with renewed strength, exceptional thickness, and shine.

    It is also very effective in the treatment of oily hair due to the sebum-regulating action of the sulphur-active ingredients contained in the extract obtained from the onion bulb, together with quercetin, which is responsible for the following cosmetic properties:

    • Antimicrobial

    • Antioxidant

    • Anti-inflammatory

    • Hair growth stimulant

    In addition, this serum is formulated with Macadamia Oil, providing much more shine, nutrition, and luminosity to the hair.

    Mylo Care Onion Hair Serum is natural, 100% pure, and stable against oxidation; it contains 80% monounsaturated fatty acids giving excellent cosmetic properties in terms of hydration, softness for the hair, nutrition, and protection against hair ageing, and antioxidants.

    How to apply onion hair growth serum?

    Instructions for salon use

    1. Apply the appropriate amount of serum to dry or wet scalp.

    1. Gently massage for 1–2 min to get into the scalp and roots.

    1. Let the product rest for 30 minutes to take effect and clean with water if desired.

    The non-greasy formula does not require cleaning with water.

    Instructions for home

    Apply a small amount of onion serum for hair growth at night to the scalp and roots. Clean with water the following day. Use hair growth shampoo and conditioner to help stimulate new hair growth.


    Although putting onions on the head may not be very attractive at first, it is worth doing in the case of scalp and hair care. The onion hair growth serum contains high doses of quercetin, a flavonoid that improves blood circulation. It also contains catalase, essential for healthy hair follicles, and sulphur, which improves the production of collagen tissues, necessary for growth.


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