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    6 things every partner must do for his pregnant wife

    Written on 28 July 2021

    I think you all fathers-to-be will agree with us that it’s the mom’s job majorly in bringing your baby to this world. From keeping them in her womb for nine months to going through the mood swings, nausea, vomiting, she does it all. Hold on! We are not here to make you feel any lesser. We want to let you know all the ways that you could share some load with her. Mothers are said to have an easy pregnancy when they have a hands-on partner to support them. Do you want your wife to be one of them too? Here is a list of a few things:

    • Make her your priority: Before anything else, the first thing we want you to do right away is to make her your priority. If you have to skip some of your outings to just be with her if she asks you to get her particular something on a Sunday evening when you are too lazy to go. Get up and move!

    • Understand her mood swings: pregnant women have no control over the rush of mood swings they feel most of the time. We want you to support her and not feel intimidated by her demands or when she behaves cranky. We want you to treat her the same way regardless of any of her moods.

    • Be flexible for her: if on some days you are made to change your schedules because she wants you around, do that. If she craves a particular food and you are not really in a mood for it, take her anyway! Don’t hesitate to ask for flexible work hours every now and then so that you can spend enough time with her.

    • Be a Listener: listen to her complaining about discomfort or the body changes or how she is so scared of the delivery. Lend your ears every time she needs support. It is always going to help her calm down.

    • Monitor her diet and sleep: make sure she eats healthy food and takes a good 8 hours of sleep. Do not make her compromise with any of them.

    • Accompany her for doctor’s appointments: we want you to be a part of each ultrasound, test, or regular visit. This will get her extra strength and emotional support.

    We can already imagine you doing all these for your doting wife!

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