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    Signs That Your Baby Will Walk Soon

    Updated on 29 November 2022

    Of all the milestones that parents look forward to, seeing their baby walk is the one they are most excited about. As soon as their little one learns to crawl and creep, parents begin looking for signs baby will walk soon. Babies usually take their first steps around their first birthday. And instead of sitting and waiting for it to happen, parents can look out for signs that baby will walk soon and help to encourage their baby to walk.

    Signs That Indicate Your Baby Will Walk Soon

    Here are some of the signs baby will walk soon:

    1. Undertaking daring adventures

    When you notice your little one becoming an adventurer: going over obstacles, trying to dive from the bed and making the most of their leg muscles, the time is near. By undertaking such adventures, babies are using their leg muscles and strengthening them in the process, which will prepare them for the big adventure ahead- walking.

    2. Pulling up to stand

    When you observe your little one trying to lift themself up and take a stand, it’s one of the signs baby will walk soon. Your baby will make use of their arms to hold onto any raised platform (furniture or even your leg) to pull up and try to stand even if they’re unable to stand independently.

    3. Cruising around

    Your baby’s will to pull up and stand will be most visible when they start cruising. This means that your little one will take the support of furniture like a sofa or table to rise from the floor and try to stand. Cruising will help them find their balance and strengthen their legs and arms muscles.

    4. Handholding

    Once your little one is confident that they can get up without any support, they might try to walk but fall in the process. This is where you can help them by holding their hand and teaching them to stand upright and take their first steps.

    5. Standing independently

    As soon as your little one is able to stand without any external support, it’s only a matter of time before they walk. Now begins their quest for finding balance. As soon as they find the balance, your baby will be able to stand independently and then walk.

    How to Encourage Your Baby to Walk?

    If you want to see your newborn walking as soon as possible, you should give them plenty of opportunities to move, explore and play. Allow your baby a few hours on the floor so they can crawl, cruise and stand alone.

    You can also hold your baby’s hand while they are in a standing position and guide them around the room. It will teach your baby to lift their legs, move and learn to balance.

    You can also place their favourite toy a little out of their reach and encourage them to crawl towards it. As soon as they reach near the toy, place it further away and see how they get to it independently.

    How to Help Your Baby Walk Independently?

    There can be numerous reasons for late walking in babies but there is no need to panic. Your baby can reach the walking milestone anytime between 9-18 months. Here are a few things you can do help them walk independently:

    • Once your baby is able to stand independently, you can gradually teach your baby to walk independently. First hold both their hands while they walk, then one hand and after that let them cling to your clothes. Ultimately, you can stand near them in case they fall.

    • Dress your baby in comfortable clothing that makes them feel active and doesn’t restrict their limbs’ movement.

    • Encourage your baby to dance and dance with them so that they make full use of their body and learn the art of balancing.

    • If you have a pet, you can inspire your little one to move with them. Allow them to hold their leash or lean on them and learn to walk in the process.

    • You can also encourage your baby to walk towards you by tempting them with a reward.

    As soon as you notice signs baby will walk soon, you must do all you can to encourage them to take their first steps. Allow them ample floor time, let them explore and move and play with them games that will help them to walk.

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