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      Why does your wife suffer from frequent headaches during pregnancy?

    Written on 28 July 2021

    Pregnancy being the most beautiful phase of a woman’s life also brings significant alterations in her body due to hormonal changes such as frequent headaches, which is one of the most common problems faced by pregnant women and is nothing major to worry about until it gets severe. However, you might be wondering what are the causes of these sore headaches. Let’s see what are the few reasons for these frequent headaches that your wife faces and how you could help make her feel better:

    • Staying dehydrated for long: Women lose lots of fluids during pregnancy which makes their body dehydrated causing headaches. Make sure she drinks plenty of water to keep herself hydrated and healthy.

    • If she experiences nausea or vomiting: A lesser amount of serotonin can result in nausea or vomiting and lower levels of serotonin cause migraine or headache. In addition, certain brain nerve activates nausea. Small meals and avoiding oily food in her diet might help.

    • Low blood sugar: Consuming sugar gives glucose to the blood by which the body maintains blood sugar level where glucose breakdown into insulin. Alteration in the glucose level affects the brain provoking headaches. Keeping a well-balanced and proper diet with snacking will help her to a major extent.

    • Lack of sleep: Various imbalance or hormonal changes, anxiety, stress promotes lack of sleep and not taking a quality sleep to lower the body’s pain threshold which automatically causes headaches and migraine. Trying to be calm, practicing exercises, or taking a warm bath before bed helps.

    • Weight gain: Increasing blood volume, hormonal changes, and with the instant gaining of weight and more of other changes can get a headache.

    • Poor nutrition: Not having a nutritional meal or diet can also be among the reason for headaches. Studies have shown that mainly due to the deficiency of vitamin D, women suffer frequent headaches. Include Vitamin D enriched food into her diet.

    • Staying stressful: Stressing a lot releases chemicals in the blood vessels which give rise to tension headaches and can get worse. Assure that she takes proper rest and keep her away from all the negativities.

    We understand your concern for you wife. We are sure you are well versed with the reasons that cause her headache and about what needful you can do about it.

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