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      What are the top 7 embarrassing symptoms that women experience during pregnancy?  

    Written on 14 August 2018

    It's no secret that pregnancy can cause its fair share of embarrassing moments.

    Mothers usually expect glowing skin and gorgeous bumps, but probably not the itchy boobs or extra gas. So here are the seven most embarrassing symptoms of pregnancy.

    • Constipation is one of the most common symptoms of pregnancy. Most pregnant women get constipated at some point during their pregnancy. Soon after you conceive, ramped-up pregnancy hormones slow your digestive tract to a crawl which can throw off your digestion as early as eight weeks. As your growing baby also starts crowding your bowels, making it harder to process. Even tiny meals lead to constipation.

    • Itchy nipples are an annoying pregnancy symptom that most mothers face. You will notice that your breasts and nipples are becoming super-sized in preparation for breastfeeding. As your breasts grow, the sensitive skin in this area stretches, which can trigger a persistent itch.

    • Virtually every pregnant woman gets gassy. That's because pregnancy brings a hormonal surge that can slow down your gastrointestinal tract. Though you can't solve the problem, you can reduce your tendency toward gassiness with exercise and changes to your diet.

    • Weight Gain and other physical changes can make you feel unattractive around your partner. Don't let that lead to communication and intimacy problems. Some people get embarrassed about being physically intimate during pregnancy which is completely normal.

    • Once you were a dainty sleeper, now you may find yourself snoring. Extra weight can contribute to snoring. As you gain weight during pregnancy, some of this fat is stored around the throat and neck. This soft tissue collects around the upper airways, causing them to narrow. This obstructs your airway, contributing to snoring.

    • Leaky breasts are yet another sign that your body is getting baby-ready. You can't turn off the leakage, but you can prevent noticeable damp spots from appearing on your clothes which can embarrass you. Stick nursing pads inside your bra to absorb the wetness and feel comfortable.

    • Your gums swell at the time when you are pregnant. This is due to changing levels of progesterone and estrogen and increased blood flow. Pregnant women's gums can become engorged with blood, create deep pockets with tender tissue and bleed during brushing.

    So, pregnancy is not that easy for a woman. Only a woman can understand how difficult those nine months are and what difficulties she has to go through.

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