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Good Evening ladies, Epidurial anesthesia for painless delivery is safe or not...?? And is it really reduce the pain during normal delivery ?


It does reduce pain jb labour pain badh raha hota gai but nrml delivery k waqt the pain is as doesnt reduce pain while the bby is coming out

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@DrAntara please share your experience... I think you have taken epidural

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See dear there are pros and cons of everything. Although you will still feel a little pain during labour but because of an epidural it is undoubtedly considerably reduced. The benefits of an epidural are that it will allow you to rest if the labor is prolonged which can sometimes cause exhaustion, irritability and fatigue in a mother because of which she is sometimes unable to push. This will allow you to be more relaxed and be an active participant of your birth experience. Reducing the discomfort enables you to have a more positive birth experience. The downside of using epidurals are that it can your blood pressure to suddenly drop and hence this will have to be constantly monitored to see if there is adequate blood flow to your baby. Some people also experience headache, shivering, ringing of ears, backache, nausea, soreness where the needle is inserted and difficulty urinating. But all these are very temporary. You may experience numbness in the lower part of your body for a few hours after delivery and may need assistance to walk. Although epidural is safe for both the mother and the baby but I would suggest you discuss with your doctor thoroughly and then you can both decide the best course of action for you as honestly no one size fits all when it comes to child birth.

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Its safe, the pain during labour will be less as compared to without it but as the baby comes out the pain will be intense during that time. One problem that may occur with epidural is that your lower body would be relatively numb and u may not be able to time your push with the contractions which may prolong the labour. But if u have a good supporting staff experienced in epidural deliveries then they can guide u properly through it and help u time the contractions. So it really varies from person to person and place to place as to how effective it can be.

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@BinuUlahannan epidural is good option if doctor is good

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Ya painless is safe... 75% reduce your pain

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