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Can I extract milk and feed baby in feeding bottle for less than a month baby.?? As soon as my baby starts to feed, he will sleep off.. Again after 15mins he will get up for feed.. Like this only happening. Because of the stitches pain, I m feeling difficult to get up and sit always.. Is there anyone who is extracting breast milk and feeding from feeding bottle?? Please share ur exp.. How good or bad it is??


Baby ko apna routine set karne me kam se kam do se dhai mahine lag skte hain

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Kya apko episotomy cut hua hai?

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@varsha_r haan.. Isliye problem ho raha hain..

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@s hmm.. But kya kar sakthe hain.. Any solution as now??

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@b same experience h mera maine apne bete ko fm dia h... Is wajah se abi wo five months ka h. Latch ni kia tha usne.. Toh thoda pump kia par pump k bad b milk supply ni ayaa ache se.. Toh band kr dia maine... Abhi wo fm pita ha.i.

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@varsha_r hmm... Some days, I used to extract milk and used to feed in spoon.. But he was not satisfied with that.. So I stopped it.. Thinking now - how it will be if I give feeding bottle.

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