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Baby Care

8 months ago

Asked when Mother of 7 Months Old Baby

Q: 7month 6days Hu h. Kiya khane m du plz suggest me

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Mother of 1 Year Old Baby
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A: Youtube pe sabkuch diya huwa hai...waha se bhi dekh sakhtey ho.... Meri Baby ke Diet chart÷ Breakfast ÷ Porridge (Oats or Rice) + Apple (Boil karkhe grind karti hoon) Bich main Bm/,Fm Lunch ÷ 1 Spoon rice+ Papaya + Pumpkin + Ghee ( Boil nd Grind) Bm/Fm Dinner÷ 1 Spoon Rice + Sweet potato+ Pumpkin (Boil nd Grind) Bm/Fm Time to time i'm his Diet... Carrot,Potato,Avocado,Banana bhi de sakhte ho. Depens on ur Baby.... See more
Mother of 1 Year Old Baby
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A: *Video on Mylo:* Baby Diet Chart | Diet Plan For 6-7 Month Baby | Baby Food Guide *Watch full at:* *I'm using 🇮🇳 Mylo 🇮🇳 India's #1 Pregnancy and Baby Tracker App to get FREE daily tip from experts. 10+ lakh Indian mothers use Mylo. Are you using it?* *If not, download from here:*... See more

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