Kaajal's Meaning

Kaajal Name Meaning & Origin

What does Kaajal mean?


The meaning of Kaajal is : Muscara Surma, Eyeliner, Kohl, Decoration for womens eyes, Kaajal name means Muscara, Surma or Eye Liner

Name Numerology9
Horoscope (rashi)Mithun (K, CHH, GH, Q, C)
Constellations (nakshatra)Mrigashiras (Ve, Vo, Ka, Ki, Be, Bo)

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Analysis by alphabet

What does each alphabet means in the name "Kaajal"?

each letters holds a specific meanings that describe the nature of the name. Below in table, each letter of name Kaajal described.

NameMeaning of the Alphabet
KYou are all about enlightenment. Both deeply-feeling and artistic, you are also motivated and rely heavily on your gut to make decisions. You are also a force to be reckoned with.
AYou are your own person, natural leader, ambitious and freethinking.
AYou are your own person, natural leader, ambitious and freethinking.
JIn this specific case, "J" is for justice. You are all about fairness and balancing the scales. You make an exemplary friend and try hard to make sure everyone is happy and comfortable.
AYou are your own person, natural leader, ambitious and freethinking.
LYou are very heady, and tend to over think rather than experience life.

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