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Mustard Pillows

Passed down through the generations, a mustard pillow is a small-sized pillow for babies, filled with natural mustard seeds. The softness of a mustard seeds pillow adjusts to the baby’s head and provides it the ideal support. Mustard pillow distributes pressure around the head, neck, and shoulders to prevent flat head syndrome. Mustard pillow for baby helps to give warmth to baby, curb cold and ear infections, calm colic and soothe sinus. A mustard seeds pillow can be used from the day of birth until the baby is a year old. It can also be washed by removing the mustard seeds for maintaining the best hygiene.

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Buy Mustard Pillow at Mylo

In the good old days, grannies used to stitch a mustard pillow for babies- a pillow filled with mustard seeds. A mustard pillow helps to provide a proper shape to your baby’s head, thereby preventing flat head syndrome. Reviving this age-old tradition, Mylo has prepared mustard seeds pillow for your little one with numerous benefits. Mylo’s mustard seed pillow enables air and blood circulation, lowers the risk of ear infections, calms colic, and relieves cold and cough.


Buying Mustard Pillow Online

Now that nobody has the time to sew a mustard pillow, why not buy a mustard seed pillow from Mylo? And don’t worry, you don’t even have to leave your house, we’ll deliver the best mustard seed pillow for baby at your doorstep. You can buy a mustard pillow for babies from the Mylo website and app at the click of a few buttons. So, what’s stopping you from shopping for a mustard pillow online for your munchkin?


Why buy Mustard Pillow from Mylo?

Buying a mustard pillow from Mylo can be one of the best decisions you make today. Because our mustard seed pillow is made with 100% natural and clean mustard seeds that are absolutely toxin-free. A mustard seeds pillow from Mylo will support your baby’s head, neck, and shoulders, giving them extra comfort and protection. In addition to providing you and your baby a good night’s sleep, our mustard seeds pillow is lightweight, easy-to-carry, and washable.


Shop According to Suitability

At Mylo, mustard pillow for babies come in a wide variety to suit the diverse needs of our customers. You can choose the best mustard pillow for baby from a range of colours, sizes, shapes, and designs. What’s more, our mustard pillow for baby comes at affordable prices. So, go ahead and choose a mustard seed pillow that’s best for you and your baby.

Frequenty Asked Questions

Is Mustard pillow good for baby?

Yes, mustard pillow for babies ensures extra comfort and protection, prevents flat head syndrome, relieves cold and cough, calms colic, and lowers ear infections.

How do I get my baby to sleep with a mustard pillow?

Just replace their existing pillow with a mustard pillow and you’ll see just how much they love it.

Can we wash mustard seed pillow?

Yes, you can and you should wash mustard seed pillow to maintain proper hygiene and keep infections at bay.

Is Mustard pillow good for baby in summer?

Yes, a mustard pillow is good for babies in summer and every other season because its main purpose is to provide your baby a good head shape

How long should we use mustard pillow for baby?

You can use mustard pillow for baby from day one to the age of 1-2 years