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Dry and Damaged Hair

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Buy Products for Frizzy Hair at Mylo 

Get smoother, silkier hair with products for frizzy hair and maintain that straightened hair effect for up to a period of 24 hours.  


Buy Products for Frizzy Hair online  

Pick up products for frizzy hair online to maintain silky smooth hair for multiple washes and enjoy the look you have chosen for a long time.  


Why Products for Frizzy Hair from Mylo? 

Get the best of products for frizzy hair by Mylo to get that perfect straight hair look which you have always wanted and maintain the same for a prolonged period of time. 

Frequently Asked Questions

How to stop the hair from frizzing up?

Choose a glycerin packed shampoo & conditioner, use a deep conditioning mask, ditch your regular hair towel and invest in a silk pillowcase.

What causes frizzy hair?

The environment, the diameter of hair fiber, the level of curl and the amount of damage.

How can I tame my frizzy hair naturally?

Protect with hair oils, keep it conditioned, protect from heat damage and dry gently.