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Baby Pillows

A baby pillow is a simple yet extraordinary baby essential that is designed to provide support and comfort to your baby’s head and neck while sleeping. A new born baby pillow ensures that the baby doesn’t roll-over. Parents prefer to buy pillow for baby as it prevents flat head syndrome. Mustard pillow for baby is an age-old traditional choice as it aids in giving proper shape to baby’s head. For an undisturbed sleep, a mustard seed pillow for baby is good as it allows air circulation, reduce ear infections and helps calm colic. While choosing a baby pillow for head, take care that it is made out of soft, breathable fabric and is easy to wash as well.

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Buy Baby Pillow at Mylo 

Get gentle and comfortable support with a baby pillow which is designed to shape the natural contours of your little one’s body.  


Buy Baby Pillow Online 

Available online, you can find a range of baby pillow products to prevent the baby from rolling off and provide a comfortable placement to the baby. 


Why buy Baby Pillow from Mylo? 

Buy a baby pillow from Mylo which will help you relive pressure from the head and the neck and aids in spinal alignment while your little one sleeps comfortably. 


Mylo Baby Pillows 


SOFT & COMFORTABLE FABRIC – Mylo Baby pillows are soft & comfortable for your baby’s delicate skin.  

GIVES PROPER SHAPE TO BABY’S HEAD– Mylo baby pillows provide tender support for the baby’s head, neck & shoulders. They help to prevent flat head syndrome in babies. 

LIGHTWEIGHT & TRAVEL-FRIENDLY– Mylo baby pillows are lightweight & travel-friendly. 

HELPS MAINTAIN BABY’S HEALTH– Mylo baby pillows help to improve blood circulation of the baby’s head. 

IDEAL BABY SHOWER GIFT– The best thing about this Mylo baby pillows is that they are available in various cute prints & unisex colors, which makes them an ideal baby shower gift & are suitable for both boys & girls. 


Baby Pillow Price List 

Products Price
Premium Head Shaping Baby Pillow with Neck & Shoulder Support (0- 36 Months)-Shades of Grey 499
Premium Head Shaping Baby Pillow with Neck & Shoulder Support (0- 36 Months)- Starry Night 499
Baby Head Shaping Pillow with Mustard Seeds (0-12 Months)- Green Apple (Apple Shaped) 299
Baby Head Shaping Pillow with Mustard Seeds (0-12 Months) - Green Bunny (Bunny Shaped) 299


1. Ques: Is it safe to use mustard seed pillow for 10 month old? 

Ans - Ans: Yes, it is safe.

2. Ques: Which pillow is safe to keep baby's head straight? 

Ans - Ans: You can use a head shaping pillow.

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