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    Physical Growth

    Activities of a four months old child 

    Written on 7 November 2017

    Are you enjoying motherhood? It is a delight to watch the growth of infants, especially when they reach the 4th month. Babies in the 4th-month surprise us by expressing through their laughs, cry, giggles, gurgles, and many more.

    Weight in 4th month

    According to healthcare child experts, the weight of the baby doubles the birth weight during this month. In the 4th month, babies weigh around 13 pounds. However, the growth may differ in the case of pre-matured babies. If you feel your little one is under-weight, seeking advice from your healthcare practitioner is advisable at this stage. 

    Cognitive development in 4th month:

    An infant becomes gradually active, alert, and learn to interact when he is four months old. Do you know why the 4th month of the baby is called a milestone? The reasons are as follows:

    • Start rolling from front to back and again back to front.

    • Start holding heads up freely. 

    • Bring the hands to the mouth.

    • Can reach and grab the objects.

    • A few babies can sit with support.

    • Can follow the toys moving side to side

    • While laying on their stomach, babies start pushing up with the help of elbows. 

    Brain development during 4th month: 

    • The baby understands the object perpetuity. 

    • Eye-sight development and keenly watches different patterns, colors, and shapes.

    • Enjoys playing and makes expression through crying.

    • The baby identifies known people.

    • Show numerous facial expressions with a cute smile or laughing, crying loudly. 

    Key points:

    Some of the thumb rules to note down when your baby reaches 4th month are as follows: 

    • Burp the baby after every feed. Burp helps in easy digestion and gives them relief too. 

    • Make sure to take out all the toys and things left on baby's crib before putting the baby sleep. 

    • Give the baby all essential vaccination provided in the health card. 

    • Regular doctor visit notifies the weight and height of the baby. 

    • Avoid home remedies without your practitioner's prescription. 

     Enjoy each growth phase of the dear one with love and care. 

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