Ayurvedic Face Scrub

Get the best Ayurvedic Scrub online in India only with Mylo. We offer all natural exfoliating & brightening ayurvedic face scrub that is suitable for all skin types. The ayurvedic scrub is a natural exfoliator as it is especially formulated with ayurvedic ingredients. Get a luxuriant face exfoliator that combines the potent ayurvedic herbs and offers skin-repairing properties as well.

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Buy Ayurvedic Scrub at Mylo 

Get a natural ayurvedic scrub to gently buff out any dead skin cells, reduce the appearance of blemishes & spots and improve skin texture.  

authentic formulation of ayurvedic serums that contains a blend of natural herbs and oils formulated to help the skin to appear radiant and youthful. 


Buy Ayurvedic Scrub online  

Choose from an array of ayurvedic face scrubs available online to cleanse the skin, remove any dirt and ensure a glowy skin.  


Why Ayurvedic Scrub from Mylo? 

Exfoliate deeply, polish the skin and remove any blackheads with ayurvedic scrub by Mylo to remove any dead skin and is suitable for all the skin types. 


Ayurvedic Scrub Price List 

Buy Ayurvedic Scrub at Mylo  Price
Kumkumadi Face Scrub (50 gm) 679
Kumkumadi Face Care Range - Kumkumadi Oil (10 ml), Brightening Scrub (50 gm) & Night Cream (50 gm) 1999
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