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Pregnency mai achar khana safe hai ya nhi


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Kha sakte ho par 1st trimester mei nahi

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Thoda khaiyw

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Ya sure you can eat pickles in moderation during pregnancy. But it is not advisable to eat pickles in large quantities everyday as it can lead to certain health issues. Pickles don't have any great nutritional value so just try and eat it in limites quantities. There maybe a few benefits of eating pickles during pregnancy such as it may help in balancing the electrolyte levels of the body. It is said to boost digestion and help to fight free radicals. It is also believed to strengthen the immune system. Excessive amounts of pickles should not be eaten as it is very high in salt content. This can lead to gestational hypertension and lead to heart attack and strokes. They also have a lot of oil which can increase cholesterol and fat during pregnancy. Eating very spicy pickles can lead to dysentry and heartburn. Consuming pickles with excess chemical preservatives can lead to unnecessary complications. Eating mango pickle during pregnancy which is homemade can have traces of listeria bacteria that can be dangerous during pregnancy. Try and consume unsweetened range of pickles as to avoid any probable weight gain. If you are buying pickles from the market then there are many organic ones there are many organic ones free from chemical preservatives. Overindulgence can lead to may health complications. You can always consult your doctor before including it in your diet.

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