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Plzz tell me little blood in his eyes what to do


May be he also touch the eyeball,so wait for sometime,it continues means consult with your doctor dear

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@FarhaKhan2 ..I know dear it can be quite disturbing to see a red spot in your baby's eye. Usually this is a symptom of subconjunctival hemorrhages. This is nothing to worry as there is no pain or complications due to this. In a week or so it will disappear. In case your baby's eye turns yellow as the blood vessels heal, don't worry as it is the normal process of healing. Just keep an eye on it. It is a advisable to still show it to the pediatrician so that he may be able to monitor the healing process and make sure it doesn't turn into something serious. The doctor may give some medicine for itching if he feels the need. Just keep a look out for any strange symptoms like swelling, redness, fever, discharge etc..but under normal circumstances your baby should be healed in a week or two.

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plz tell me farahkhan2 that your baby redness is healed or not

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@A ya its healed

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@FarhaKhan2 how much time it take

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@A 2 days

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