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Nose of my 2month baby closed,sound is coming from ?


better to consult your doctor doctor maybe prescribe some medicine and spray

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2-3 drops of Breastmilk in each nose... It will loosen the mucus and help baby to sneeze which will clear the nose.. use the starting of milk which is water not the fat milk..

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U can also try saline spray to loose mucus and aspirator to suck out the mucus by mouth.. both helpful instead of saline water i used breastmilk... Tried and tested

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You can try saline water drops. Use a suction with a bulb syringe to remove the mucus, giving a hot water bath also helps in decongestion. You can also put a little breast milk in your baby's nose. Placing a humidifier in your baby's room to add moisture to the air also helps. You may also want to elevate your baby's head a little to reduce the discomfort caused due to a stuffy nose. If these remedies don't work you should get in touch with your paediatrician.

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Give nasoclear nasal drops 1 drop on each side every 6 hours. Dont put anything else in your baby's nose without consulting your pediatrician

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