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My son wil sleep immediately after feeding and we are unable to burp .please suggeat some tips for burping.


Lekin phir BHI aap shoulder pe aap Karke burp jarur dilwaaiye

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Nind me b burp karwa skte ho..

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Make him burp after sleep issue..he wont get distrb

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Many babies do fall asleep while feeding. There are ways by which you can make your sleeping baby burp. You could make your baby burp while switching sides if you are breastfeeding or before they finish their bottle. You can also make your baby slowly move upright on your shoulder, they can continue to sleep in this cozy position while the pressure from your shoulder pushes on their tummy to release gas. Alternatively you can also hold them upright on your chest, you can make yourself comfortable on a couch. Babies like to curl up and sleep with their legs in a frog position. This will also help to release more gas from their bottom. You can support their head and wait for the burp to come. Another position is to make their tummy rest on your forearm supporting their head in the crook of your elbow. This position puts pressure on the belly and you can pat their back until they burp. If you are sitting you can simply move the baby onto a laying position on their tummy onto your knees. You can move your legs side to side and gently rub their back until a burp comes. The baby can continue sleeping.

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It is not necessary that every time your lil one should brup... Just tap his back for at least 10 minutes even if he is sleeping... By taping his back milk will easily reach the stomach and he will feel comfortable..

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Every night my 52 days baby fall a sleep while breastfeeding.. I keep him tickling on his legs. but when I put him down he wakes up and cries... he doesn't sleep till 2 every day. Sometimes I and he awakes till 5-6 am. don't know what to do.. plz help

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