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  • Kya kisi ko ye stem cell bank ka idea h kisi ne aisa kuch kiya h?... Please answer arrow

8 months ago

Asked when 37 weeks pregnant

Q: Kya kisi ko ye stem cell bank ka idea h kisi ne aisa kuch kiya h?... Please answer

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Mother of 7 Months Old Baby
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A: Its not at all necessary..your child stem cell in 90% of the cases cannot be used for your it is future if you require stemcell for your child or for your family it will be from other get the done and that to match is very is only useful where there is public bank...but in india there is no such banks..And uptill now it is proven that stemcell treatment works in case of small children..but for big children it mostly fails.. I have asked many dr and also the dr who treats using stemcell..but dr said it works only in small child and top most there is no need..if you require stemcell at any point of time you can get from your bone marrow....Also he told that this stem cell banking is only useful when you have 1st child suffering from any disease that can be cured by stem cells then for 2nd child you can go fir it...but still chances if matching are 25%... See more
Mother of 2 Years Old Baby
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A: @deepika7036 sadly they don't .Stem cell banking is a complete money making Racket . If you delay the cord clamping after birth by a mere 30-60 seconds you wont need stem cell banking Speak to your doctor they don't talk about these things .. Delayed cord clamping ,skin to skin after birth and breastfeeding within 1 hour of birth can save your baby from so many diseases and decreases infant mortality . All the best dear Choose what's best for you and your little one... See more

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