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Is taking saffron essential for me as I am 24 week pregnant


it is not essential but if you want you can take after 36 weeks but make sure the saffron should be real because there is a loss of artificial saffron which you can get at a less price .. do not buy them

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Dear saffron is warm in nature so in small amount is not harm baby

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It isn't necessary but taking it in limited quantity has some benefits. If it's been taken so that the baby is fair, then there is no scientific data to really back that claim. Saffron acts as a mood elevator and can help in reducing stress hormones. It can also be helpful in combating nausea and dizziness and also keeps the blood pressure from rising too high. It also helps in increasing appetite and aid digestion. It is a natural painkiller, its anti-spasmodic and anti-inflammatory properties help in soothing cramps during pregnancy. Saffron also has mild sedative properties that relax muscles and help you sleep better. It also keeps your cholesterol under control and maintain health of arteries and blood vessels. Make sure not to buy adulterated saffron as its expensive so you have to be careful about the quality. Also concentrate of saffron is not advisable during pregnancy. But please make sure not to consume it in large amounts as it can have side affects to like premature labor or abortion. Large amounts can also cause bleeding, vomiting and diarrhoea. Consuming too much can also lead to toxicity. It should only be consumed from the fifth month of gestation. You can also consult your doctor or digestion as to the optimal amount of saffron that can be consumed.

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