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Is it safe to eat amla candy..

Answered 2 years ago

haanji aap le Sakti Hain

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Answered 5 months ago

It is safe for pregnant women to have amla candy during pregnancy as it helps promote and restore health. It boosts immunity levels, provides naturally glowing and healthy skin, and is a perfect cure for colds and coughs. While there is evidence that babies can taste what their mothers are eating when they swallow amniotic fluid, it’s only a trace amount. If by chance, the mom were to eat so much candy that the sour taste was concentrated in the amniotic fluid, it would not be harmful to the baby.

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Answered 2 months ago

A very important part of the pregnancy journey is the diet of mother to be. The Amla (Indian gooseberry) is always a matter of doubt but consuming amla during pregnancy is completely safe.Amla during pregnancy is good for consumption The various benefits of Amla are: The fruit is rich in nutrients, antioxidants, and fibers, especially vitamin C. Amla is also rich in vitamin B5, folic acid, and vitamin B6. Having 1 or 2 amlas or 10 to 15 ml of amla extract is enough for a day, and it helps beat morning sickness and nausea or tastelessness of the mouth. In Ayurvedic medicine, amla is a key ingredient and is highly recommended for pregnant women. Consuming amla in moderate amounts is healthy, but in excess of it or under certain health conditions, it is best to avoid the fruit. Eating Amla under doctor supervision is advised to avoid any side effects.

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Answered 2 months ago


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Answered 2 months ago

Mere hisab se apko gestational diabetes nhi h toh limit m lo kuki amla toh healthy hota h but amla candy sugar coated hoti h joki jda amount m lene pr nuksan kr skti h

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Answered 2 months ago

I'm also eating daily

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