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is capsicum good during pregnancy

Answered 2 years ago

Yes kabhi kabhi khane mei lijiye, aise hi raw capsicum nahi lena aur spicy generally kam.karna hi better hai

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Answered 3 months ago

Pregnant women can eat capsicum as it has numerous health benefits. However, it is important to consume the right quantity and form of vegetable. Do not eat too much. There are certain conditions where the consumption of capsicum can turn harmful to the mother and the baby. The seeds present in capsicum can trigger allergic reactions due to which there could be rashes on the body or excessive sneezing which will not be safe for the expecting mother. Also, it will affect digestion and result in indigestion or frequent stools. Also, it is advisable to stop the consumption of capsicum a couple of weeks before delivery as it could lead to excessive bleeding and thinning of the blood.

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Answered 3 days ago

You can include capsicum in your diet during your pregnancy, as it has tons of benefits. Capsicum can be consumed at any point of your pregnancy, may it be early stage or later, first trimester or any other trimester of pregnancy as it has lots of benefits. However, it should be eaten in the right form and quantity. Do not eat too much. there are many benefits of eating capsicum in pregnancy. Eating red capsicum during pregnancy is beneficial, since it contains cancer-preventive properties. Green capsicum has natural silicon in it, which keeps the nails and hair healthy during pregnancy. Yellow capsicum helps in combating free radicals and boosting the immune system during pregnancy. New mothers should not take capsicum while breastfeeding, since it can make the breast milk spicy for the child. So it is best to stop eating capsicum a couple of weeks prior to delivery, since it can cause thinning of the blood, and may result in excessive bleeding during childbirth. You should always consult your doctor before including anything in your diet.

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