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How to clean gums and tongue of 2 month old baby


U have to put ur finger inside n clean with water

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Yes dear good oral hygiene is as essential for newborn's as it is for older children and adults. Just as how bacteria can exist in our mouth it can as well in theirs and having lesser saliva than adults it is more difficult for their tiny mouth to wash away the milk residue. You can do so by either taking a piece of clean washcloth or sterile gauze and wrap it around your finger. Be sure to wash your own hands properly before doing so. Then dip the finger on which you have the cloth or gauze into slightly warm water and very gently open the baby's mouth. Then rub their tongue is soft and slow circular motions. Next you can rub your baby's gums and the inside of their cheeks too. You can clean your baby's mouth twice a day. Please don't use any toothpaste until the child is 6 months old. When you do start please keep in mind to use a fluoride free toothpaste. If your baby doesn't like to get his mouth cleaned then distract him in some activity and then do the needful. If the white build up doesn't go away pleasebtake your baby to a doctor as it maybe thrush.

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@charu6075 thank u so much

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Hi all, my baby girl is 3.5 months , she always remain restless. She doesn't sleep properly and also while sleeping she remains moving as well as shirking. Please guide.

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@anu13339 u can wrap her and put her to sleep if ur putting her in cradle for few days put her next to u

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@anu13339 you should try to let her sleep on your stomach ..this really helps my baby whenever she gets restless.

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