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How much overnight gap should be there between meals to avoid acidity?


Atleast 1 hour

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Three hours but with me it doesn't happen so not able to maintain gap

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See dear its very difficult to say because every pregnancy is different..It depends on person to person. Ideally they say that long gaps between meals can increase the not so good symptoms of pregnancy like nausea, acidity etc. It said that its best to have 3 small meals and three snacks during pregnancy to avoid the uncomfortable symptoms. Eating a bit every 3-4 hours pumps a steady stream of nutrients to your baby. It helps in keeping the blood sugar levels steady and minimizing heartburn. Have an early dinner, it is better to snack on something healthy later in the night if you feel hungry but eat your dinner early as that will help you curb night time heartburn and indigestion which helps to get better sleep. Ignoring late night hunger pangs can worsen nausea symptoms in the morning , so its good to eat something little. But don't eat a lot especially junk as that can cause morning sickness the next day.

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