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Hiiii sep mommies ??Howa u all n ur babies ?Did u find any changes in ur baby's schedule...ex like Rishu is sleeping 9-10hrs in a day n he's busy in playing ? but he cries only when he's hungry..He stares at me n talks something in his language nearly 10-15mns???Wat abt urs???


Sabhi bacho ka yehi haal hota hai. Kuch bache bahut cranky hote hain

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@happyface @monalisa0220 @PinkRayz @deepikaharyani @Happymommy_2020 @neha_vaibhavsh

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Yeah I found some changes like when his dad comes he stares nd ask to carry him by saying ooo ooo....nd when I go somewhere he looks here n there then after seeing me he smile......that movement yr can't explain in words

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@PrathimaSunil do I need to say anything more?? Already got the expert's comment ?

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Fine and u

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Yes....a lot and lot of I guess she understands more when we are not around and she is more expressive now. Though my husband is wfh, but his set up is in different room. Yesterday due to busy schedule he didn't come to our room once. So finally when he came at night, she started crying and went to his lap....aise her dad has always been her the most favorite

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