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Hi mommies. I'm in my mom's place for delivery as it is the process here. Mine was emergency c sec. My mom took care of the baby so well for the first 7 days. Then I use to take care of the baby along with my mother. After 15 days my mom is saying that she cant get up at night and I have to take care of him alone. My baby gets fussy at night. He wont sleep at night. Even during the day I take care of him. My just takes care of him for 2 hours and tells everyone she is so tired of taking care. I was ok even with everything. Now I have back pain and stitch pain. When I say its paining she laughs as if I'm saying a joke. I dont know what to say. If I ask anyone they just simply say its your baby you have to take care. I'm literally crying daily. If I ask her she simply says I took care of the baby alone for first 3 days you didnt even care. Its emotionally draining coz I was in post operative ward. What can I do for that. My friends are not married and they too cant understand my pain. Totally exhausted. ??


Dear you keep a household help to help you

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Being a mother is not easy Atleast she took care for 7 days My mother and my mother in law both didn't even came to see me... in my both babies I also have a daughter which is now 8yrs old . I also had so much pain But there was no option...just the day my c section held Then I returned home after 2days I was standing in the kitchen and making roti No one will understand your pain So don't even show Every time you show All will say it's your baby u have to take care So be strong women And a mother .

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Ohhhh my god!!! I wish I could tell you my situation u all will be surprise to hear my story ... Just one month ago , my mother came and after my delivery which is c sec .. She did lots of drama to go to her home ... Bcz after ceserian she was sure that she have to stay here with me for 3 weeks strictly but my father mother brother sister all played a game with me and called my mother by saying that ..maa tum jldi aa jao ..they are saying each and every sec... My mother use to hurt me since childhood and the matter was only that I just said to Maa that if all of them need u so badly u just go maa bcz I can't take it anymore ... Bcz I m also operated with stiches and needs u but my mother spread the negativity in my home.. My child was just born and he is 4 days old... She fights and said maine ek bachcha krke koyi bada kaam nahi kiya... Ehsan mano ki me aa gyi tumhare bachche k liye wrna to koi puch bhi ni raha tha hurts !! And she have complain regarding meals bcz she didn't get it on time... Mere husband ke samne badnaam kar di mujhe yeh culture dhikha k. ...from that day Maine apne bachche ka khyl rakha abhi tk mujhe pain h I can't cook I can't walk ,she left me cried and ran to her home ...rediculous! Rista hi tod di udhr jakr

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@PratimaDey1 so sad to hear that. They just dont understand our pain and sufferings. They think we are doing just fine and can look after our baby. Take care dear.

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@a so sad to hear that. Then I must be happy atleast I have food on my table. I dont have to cook.

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@A yes

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