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hello friends,i am 33 weeks preg dr told to admit by 37 weeks for delivery due to hypertension and also i have tsh which is controlled.i dnt have hypertension.i monitor my bp it daily at my home it comes normal but as i go to dr check there it reaches 140/90.what should i do?should but at home it comes under 120/80 in normal range dr have prescribed me lebetelol 200 mg thrice a day but after having the med i started feeling dizziness and measured bp which was low.dr is telling delivery by 37 weeks on treatment what should i do i am afraid.should i change dr for 2nd opinion or stick with my dr?how she will do delivery wid out labour pains by 37 weeks?


plzzz help mommies.i am just 19.

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Same with me... Plz help frnd... Same medicine dr n di h mujhe bhi..

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aap ka bp bhi ghar mai normal aata hai?

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@Garima151 aap ka bp bhi ghar mai normal aata hai?

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@kaneezfatimah mera v same hai ghar pr normal aata hai aur doctor ke pas zyada.....fir maine anulom vilom aur breathing yoga start kiya. Last time doctor ke pas v normal aya. Main avi medicine nhi le rhi

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@kaneezfatimah ha ji

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