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Girls i wud like to give u a small advice to newly pregnant ladies... I had an experience which I would like to share it with u all... I got pregnant after long 8 years... When I knew I was pregnant through the pregnancy kit the first thing I did was calling my doctor and she told me to come to hospital... And when I reached thr she told me to take an injection for fixing the embryo so that we can avoid any chance of miscarriage although I didn't had any miscarriage before... to be on the safer side and also since I got pregnant after long 8 years she want me to take that injection ... I blindly did what she asked me to do without asking her what injection it was... When I reached home my leg started paining lil bit... After sometime the pain was really out f my control... I was crying badly and I need my husbands help to Move from one place to another... Litrlly He had to carry me to toilet as well.. I couldn't enjoy my pregnancy which I got after waiting for long 8 years.. When I called the doctor she told me to come to hospital immediately... Then I asked her about the injection... It was progesterone shot... That also double dose... The nurse who took the injection didn't rub properly after the injection... And also she didn't even tell me the injection is going to be painful.. Actually this injection had to be taken by a specialist... I had to go through the pain for 2 weeks which was really miserable... So do check with ur doctor in detail when ever she or he advice u to take any injection or medication... Don't hesitate them to ask any questions u have in mind... Belive me girls it was really really painful... On the other side I am happy to go through any pain to have my baby... ☺☺☺


U r so brave girl ...this story literally gave me goosebumps.. so ur health is better now? Or u still feeling any pain ??

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@BulbulArora I am great now... Gone through lot of pain for the first two weeks.. Thank you so much for those nice words.... God bless u....

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@OP god bless u too dear..stay strong and keep inspiring other ladies like this always❤️ why don't u post this story in a story section so everybody can view it easily

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@OP whats the name of the injection??

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@EshaVyas I am new at this app... So I am just learning how to use it... Surely will post in story section.... Thank you.... :)

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@OP sure dear??

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