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Does making baby wear diaper on regular basis brings gap in their legs?? I want to share something please help! Few of my relatives had come to see my baby and when they saw that I'm making my baby wear diaper on regular basis they started to scold me. Below are the few things which according to them are side effects of making baby wear a diaper:1) The gap between legs increases 2) If baby is made to wear diaper then they deny to go to washroom for pee or poop at a later stage of life 3) Diapers generate lot of heat and it is pretty uncomfortable for them4) The skin from diaper area will start to peel off I have always tried to maintain proper hygiene even if I make my baby wear diaper. She has developed no rashes as I change it once in 4 to 5 hours. Also I keep her diaper free for atleast 3 to 4 hours in a dayHow do I convince my elders that making baby wear diapers is fine?? Can anyone give me solid reasons so that I can explain them properly?? Thanks in advance!!!


@PrathimaSunil what r your views on this?? R u for or against making baby wear a diaper??

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@AnuJhamb your views on this please

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All r free to share your views on this!! Please help!! My relatives made me feel very guilty and now I'm confused whether I'm doing right or wrong with my baby

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@Farah11 hey dear, even i was not ready to make my baby in diaper all the time. But due to MIL amd husbnad, m doing this. I spend ****** of days and nights in listening to all the videos related to diaper. Even my mom also said the same ki legs me gap aa jayega, internal infection ho jata hai, pvt parts grow ni krte and all but i was forced to put diaper. After listening ****** of videos, conclusion was it is safe to use diaper if proper hygiene is taken care which u r already doing. Its not gonna be for long time just a matter of few months than baby can be free without diaper. For pee and poop u can start training ASAP. like sometimes i hold my baby in potty position whenever she is doing, whether its in diaper only. Also sometimes i make her sit on her potty stand for 1-2 mins. Initially one month i used to make her do pee in bathroom only but couldn't continue due to main reasons. As soon u will start training it will become easy and baby will also learn. So its not due to diaper that baby will not go to toilet it will be depending upon training. Till now no skin peel off so hopefully will not happen in future as well. For heat point i don't feel so. So whenever u r changing diaper just clean with water and try to leave skin for air dry and also let it be open for 5-10 mins which m doing so sharing with you. Skin moisture will be maintained i guess.

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During initial days when my girl was very small I was also putting diaper continuously but my mom told not to do that as it was looking that her legs were not getting straight properly so I stopped using diapers. Only during night I used diaper. Now when she is 4 months old sometimes I also feel that she is not very comfortable in diapers.

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