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Can i eat horse gram during fifth week of pregnancy?

Answered 3 years ago

Hi there! ? Congrats on your first post with Mylo Family ?? Your fellow preggies and moms will be here to help you soon ❤

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Answered 3 years ago

horse gram is heat to the body.. during 1st trimester i was told to avoid heat items.. so i guess horse gram is not safe..

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Answered 3 years ago

what can I eat for fair and healthy baby during 1st trimester

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Answered 3 years ago

@MabeThokchom ur baby skin start devloping during 6th week. so abhi koi faida nhi h to eat for fair baby. for healthy eat protiens like pulses, paneer, egg. have proper milk nd curd

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Answered 5 months ago

Yes you can eat horse grams as it's packed with nutrients and minerals but also contains alot of heat that can trigger loose motions. Due to this the contractions can occur there is a slight risk of miscarriage in early pregnancy. So try eating in small quantities.

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Answered 2 months ago

Horse gram is good for pregnancy but overconsumption of anything during pregnancy can give rise to unnecessary complications. So, it is always better to be safe. In case you want to include horse gram in your diet, do so in restricted quantities. You can always refer to your doctor for necessary guidance.

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