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Anyone whose new born is completely on breastfeed !!! NO external milk ????please response and share your experience...Also ! who are on mix of both respond and share how is there experience! what all problems and difficulties are being faced ??


Feeding every 2 hours gap,burp after every breastfeeding

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@jayati80 ok !!! for a 5 day old !!! is it possible to keep him on complete BF!! if you are feeding the baby every 1 hour for 15 min . Do you think ! it will satisfy babys hunger.?

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@nehabhatt22 surely now its satisfying baby hunger... but not in future onwards... at some point you will hv to add external milk in baby's diet ..

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@RoshniDhawan ok... toh abhi bh just born to 1 month baby koh combination mai dena best hai !!! matlab every one or 2 hour dete raho breast feed along with external

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No... day time breast milk ...night time once you will give formula ... with this baby will have habit of feeder also.. actually it will be difficult for us to introduce feeder at later on stage... So with this baby will the habit and satisfaction too... Still you can wait for few more days... because if you had good supply of milk, breastmilk is satisfying the baby's hunger right days...

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No need to give FM or external milk till 6 months. Your BM is sufficient. Infact more you breastfeed the more BM will be generated. Also, don't worry about feeder as your babies are still very young. You can introduce bottle after 2-3 months. Then also pump your breast milk and give in the bottle. Only if you have reasons to believe that you do not have sufficient milk, i.e. you see baby crying even after feeding and demanding more milk, give FM. My baby is 7 months old and entirely on BM.

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