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At Mylo, we help young parents raise happy and healthy families with our innovative new-age solutions:

  • Mylo Care: Effective and science-backed personal care and wellness solutions for a joyful you.
  • Mylo Baby: Science-backed, gentle and effective personal care & hygiene range for your little one.
  • Mylo Community: Trusted and empathetic community of 10mn+ parents and experts.

Buy Face Care Products for Women & Men at Mylo Store


Mylo offers an exclusive range of beauty & face care products that bring you the goodness of internationally certified all-natural ingredients.   

Our face care range is widely categorized in Care and Veda. Care brings you the goodness of natural and chemical-free ingredients. Veda as the name says holds the goodness of ayurvedic science. Imagine the unique blend of Coconut oil and shea butter, turmeric with saffron, Witch Hazel with Rose Water. All face care products at Mylo are designed for all skin types and give you a different experience of traditional ayurvedic recipes along with products formulated with naturally extracted ingredients. Our ayurvedic skincare products are further categorized as face care and body care products. Read on to know why you should term our products as the best skincare products


Toxin-Free Facial Skincare Products


After resolving all your queries on pregnancy & motherhood and introducing natural and gentle baby care products for your little ones, Mylo has now come up with its collection of best face care products for you at the best prices. With naturally blended ingredients of Indian herbs & fruit extracts, we present you with face care products to resolve all your skin-related issues. Our products are free from all kinds of parabens, sulfates, SLS, mineral oil, and alcohol. Our products are Made Safe Australia Certified and cruelty-free PETA certified. Every product is unique in its way and serves different purposes for different skin types. The ingredients are hand-picked and are curated keeping your daily skincare needs in mind.   

Login to our website to explore the entire collection of face care needs of every Indian woman or girl or man.


Different Kinds of Face Care Products Online at Mylo


1. To Cleanse, Scrub & Tone: Cleansing is the very first step towards a healthy skincare routine. Then comes toners to firm up your skin and to maintain cleanliness. Loaded with the goodness of Aloe Vera, Rose Water, Tea Tree, Ubtan Powder, Vitamin C, Mylo’s face cleansers, scrubs, and toners aim to keep your skin hydrated, moisturized, and gives you feel-like-touching skin. Cleanse with Mylo’s face wash & scrub of your choice and even out the skin tone with the right kind of toner.


2. To Moisturize & Plump: If the first step to skincare is cleansing, second is toning, third is to moisturize it completely. Mylo’s range of moisturizers & creams nurtures your skin with the right kind of moisturization it needs. Imbibed with Tea Tree, Kumkumadi, Vitamin C, Ubtan, soak your skin in natural care that helps you achieve your goal of glowing and flawless skin.


3. For Night Care Routine: Several options to choose from for the night care routine. When it comes to extra hydration for your skin cream. Night cream and oils make your skin glow and lessen the aging effects.


4. Under Eye Cream: Mylo's under-eye cream is enriched with gentle and natural ingredients to soothe your stressed & puffy eyes and helps in treating dark circles.


5. The Finishing Touch to Your Skin: Once you are done moisturizing your skin, the time comes for the final touch that can be done with the face masks.


6. Unique Skincare Combos & Kits: From taking care of your skin day & night, making your skin glow during festivities, and on normal days. Power-packed with natural essential herbs, oils, and butter, a unique range of kits for a dedicated skincare regime is curated for you. So, what are you waiting for? Explore the store and shop your favorite products. 




1. How can I get healthy face skin? 

By following a regular skincare routine and staying hydrated.


2. What should we apply to face at night?  

Creams & oils that are meant for night usage.


3. Is coconut oil good for the face? 

Yes, it is. But you should avoid using it if you have an oily skin texture or skin is prone to acne or pimples.


4. What products does my face need? 

You can choose face products as per your skin type.


5. How do I find my skin type? 

You can try taking a bare face test to determine your skin type. For this, wash your skin with a mild face wash and do not apply any other products. Wait for 30 mins, and examine closely how your skin feels. Make facial expressions if it feels tight, there is a chance that your skin type is dry.


5. What are the 4 types of skin? 

Human skin types are broadly categorized as normal, dry, oily, and sensitive skin types.