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Stretch Marks Cream with Saffron, Shea Butter & Kokum (200 gm)

832 Reviews


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  • Prevents & Soothes Stretch Marks
  • Moisturizes & Heals Itching Skin
  • Reduces dark spots & wrinkles

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Internationally Certified
Safe & Effective Results

Made from natural ingredients

Safe to use during & after pregnancy

Start using it from 16 weeks onwards or earlier

Safe to use during breastfeeding

  1. Lightens stretch marks appearance to the maximum, making it the best stretch marks cream.
  2. The kind of stretch marks removal cream you need to tighten loose skin pre & post-pregnancy.
  3. Must buy stretch marks cream to plump the skin, keep it hydrated and to prevent dryness.

Shea Butter

Excellent Moisturizer, Heals Stretch Marks


Anti-inflammatory exfoliating agent


Enhances collagen production

Coconut Oil

Protects Skin & Prevents Dryness

No SLS & Parabens

No Synthetic Fragrance & Color

No artificial Preservatives

  • STEP 1

    Take Mylo Stretch Marks Cream & put a generous amount on your hand.

  • STEP 2

    Gently massage the desired area in a circular motion with cream twice daily.

  • STEP 3

    For best results, use the cream in afternoon & evening. Use along with Mylo Care Stretch Marks Oil.

Q: Can anyone use Mylo Stretch Marks Cream?

A: Yes. All pregnant women, young moms, moms with existing stretch marks and any women facing issues of stretch marks or itching can use it.

Q: Is it safe to use Mylo Stretch Marks Cream in pregnancy? ?

A: Yes, Mylo Stretch Marks Cream is totally safe to use during pregnancy, breastfeeding and postpartum.

Q: Can I use this cream to remove my itching on belly/stomach?

A: Yes, Mylo Stretch Marks Cream contains Shea Butter which helps in reducing itching and healing itchy skin.

Q: Can this cream cause allergy?

A: Mylo Care Stretch Marks Cream is made using natural ingredients and allergy-free. It is also free from any parabens, sulphates & harmful chemicals

Q: Can this work on my old stretch marks? / I have 1 year old stretch marks can it remove?

A: Removing old stretch marks can be difficult but feedback from many users show that a regular usage may help reduce stretch marks.


Dr. Bhargavi Reddy


Stretch marks are a nightmare for every woman. This cream helps prevent stretch marks & soothes itching that is caused because of the dryness in the stretched skin during pregnancy. This cream also helps in tightening the loose skin after delivery.


Stretch Marks Cream with Saffron, Shea Butter & Kokum (200 gm) user review image
832 Reviews
brijal60 avatar image

Posted when 26 weeks pregnant

The best stretch marks removal cream with great quality!

Very useful...I'm 6 months pregnant n frm last six month I was hvng itching problem near breast...I strted using this Mylo stretch mark card n now no itching's very nice n very useful for itching n stretch mark...n evn in got very fast delivery...

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gazala91 avatar image

Posted when 34 weeks pregnant

keep the skin soft and supple, very nice stretch marks cream

This cream keeps stretch marks from appearing as well as getting rid of those that already exist. Other advantages of using Mylocare Stretch Marks Cream include its ease of application and its ability to keep the skin soft and supple. The ingredients used to make these products are natural which keep the skin from tearing and stretching. This makes it a safe and natural way to achieve a beautiful, healthy and strong skin among the expectant women. The skin quality, color and texture are also effectively improved thus increasing confidence to show off the body.

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Saumya_PandeySavarikar avatar image

Posted when mother of 6 months

Mylo's SMC helped me to cure stretch marks with ease

Hi mommies, Stretch marks or for we moms i should say "Strength marks" paves the way to motherhood? Mylo stretch marks cream helped me to soothe this motherhood pathway with ease?
Solved 3 purposes-
1. Immensely helpful in reducing stretch marks bcoz of its Natural herbal ingredients?, texture is as smooth as butter? hence easily spreads unlike those thick derma-creams?
2. Bonus- i have experienced this, it is also highly effective to heal itchy or cracked skin area post your breast feeding sessions wow?
3. I am a C-section mom hence that scar was getting itchy & Soreness was increasing i applied this cream and it gave an instant relief from that soreness too. Super effective stretch marks cream from Mylo, pricing very reasonable hence easy on pocket. A must buy✌ Thanks Mylo dil se?

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sonalsinghfettleflair avatar image

Posted when 39 weeks pregnant

It's a great scar removal cream. genuinely appreciate the quality of the product!

I have been using different moisturizer untill my 8th month and there wasn't even a single mark on my belly but when the baby took more of the space I had started getting few of the strech marks and alot of itching on my lower abdomen during 9th month. I had never used a stretch marks cream before and wasn't even sure on the basis of reviews. However, i gave it a try and I'm totally satisfied with the results that are visible just on the 3rd day. The itching has almost stopped that wasn't letting me to sleep in the night and marks are getting really lighter. I genuinely appreciate the quality of the product that Mylo is offering. I shall order more cream even post delivery in order to recover fully.

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Tina2113 avatar image

Posted when 17 weeks pregnant

Using from my 1st trimester. completely satisfied with this stretch mark cream : )

Hello! Everyone mentioning few things regarding this stretch marks cream which will help you to buy this product without wasting your valuable time?

Few points about this product:-
1. It is well suited for all skin type.
2. Helps to reduce stretch marks, soothes dry itchy skin.
3. It's a natural product. So no paraben, no synthetic fragrance or colour is added to it.
4. It smells really nice and so soft to the skin. It has aromatic fragrance. So natural and refreshing.
5. It worth every penny. Started using from first trimester of my pregnancy.
6. Thanks to Mylo for providing such a great product in this affordable price range. ❤️

I'm glad that I bought this product and started using from my first trimester. Will buy again after finishing my bottle! ?

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Why parents love Mylo Products



Mylo Care Stretch Marks Cream is my all-time favorite cream as far as stretch marks are concerned. It helped me lighten the stubborn stretch marks I got after delivery. Not only this it helped me moisturize my skin and soothe itching.



I used Mylo Stretch Marks Cream throughout pregnancy. It helped in preventing the stretch marks to appear and got me relieved from dry & itchy skin